Wednesday, September 29, 2010

CAXACAD2009 new experience began a national tour events

September 15 in Wuhan, 17 September in Shanghai, Guangzhou, September 22 ... ...

On-site experience, excellent presentation, and more surprises waiting for you!

September 15 in Wuhan, Wuhan Lake View Garden Hotel, Lake House, third floor conference room

September 17 in Shanghai, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, fifth floor, function rooms

September 22 in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Ramada Pearl Hotel, third floor conference room Triumph

... ...

September 1, 2009 -12 30, CAXA in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan, Beijing, Changsha, Xiamen, Wuxi, Qingdao, Liuzhou, Chengdu and other cities hold more than 30 new products, tour experience, all the participating companies and individuals have the opportunity to receive a free CAXA electronic board 2009, CAXA 2009 genuine software, and physical design gifts. During the event for older users, CAXA will introduce preferential purchasing and upgrading activities, invite your active participation and support.

In 1997, riding on "rejection drawing board," the spring, CAXA electronic drawing board 97 toss "with China's own CAD software," the boom, the success has created easy to use Chinese-made CAD drawing board rejection of the great feats, to open up China's CAD industry's new world.
Over the years, CAXA electronic drawing board continuously upgrading from CAXA electronic drawing board 97 to CAXA electronic drawing board, 2009, from two-dimensional CAD to 3D CAD, electronic board carrying Chinese engineers and countless man-made CAD CAXA glory and the dream .
CAXA electronic board 2009 (2D) and CAXA Solid Design 2009 (3D) the listing, saw continued progress in the pursuit of excellence CAXA's success, has written a new chapter in China's CAD industry, presented to the Chinese engineers in a CAD feast.
CAXA electronic board 2009 is the electronic board of a big leap, in succession to all versions of electronic board on the basis of the many advantages of the new development, to achieve a technological leap in the technical architecture, display technology, a larger performance Dynamic input and interaction, size related, images, multi-language, Vista, 64 bit, license management, achieved a major breakthrough, not only has more windows, more drawings, multi-language, multi-standard, multi-unit system of stable and efficient electronic drawing board, has inherited the advantages of the old electronic board has the support and 3D CAD systems integration, compatibility with AutoCAD depth of the electronic drawing board, also has a CAXA electronic board 2009 Mechanical Science and Engineering, to meet the manufacturing and engineering construction industry professional needs.
CAXA Solid Design 2009 is the physical design of a major change, a set of innovative design, engineering design, collaborative design and two-dimensional CAD design in one of the new generation of 3D CAD software, not only to support the global mainstream 3D software used on the Design of engineering model, also has the unique convenience of innovative models of new product development, and seamless integration of CAXA electronic board 2009 software, learn inherit its unparalleled ease of use for three-dimensional design engineers to quickly realize the desire, to enjoy with the Design Easy and fun, and help enterprises cost-efficient completion of product development, seize market opportunities and win business opportunities!

CAXA can not do without each one across the majority of the old user's encouragement and supervision, and can not do without the old user's trust and support. At this CAXA electronic drawing board, 2009, 2009, listing the occasion of physical design, to the general user feedback, as always, love CAXA years, CAXA CAD 2009 is organized to tour New Experience:

Businesses and individuals all participants have the opportunity receive a free CAXA electronic board 2009, CAXA 2009 genuine software, and physical design gifts.

All participants have access to preferential CAXA CAD 2009 upgrade coupon, voucher can enjoy the value of the electronic drawing board to upgrade, upgrade physical design, from the electronic drawing board to the physical design of the preferential migration!

Welcome new and old customers are encouraged to register to participate.

Registration: will a single receipt by fax or mail back to CAXA can also direct calls apply.

Contact: Miss Xu Tel 010-82321350-263, Fax :010-82321350-5, E-mail:

CAXA CAD 2009 New Experience receipt single

User Information


Contact person and position

Telephone and Mail

Sources of information (access to this information, the media or channels)

Expected to participate in experiential activities (please check)

September 15 in Wuhan

September 17 Shanghai

September 22 in Guangzhou

October 9 Taiyuan

October Changsha

October Xiamen

Other cities (please specify the city name)

Expect to get the coupon (please check)

Electronic Board Upgrade

Physical design upgrade

Transfer from the electronic drawing board to the entity design

Please specify the version required to upgrade

Please specify the version required to upgrade

Please specify the version upgrade required

Note: Please fill in the contents of a single receipt, the full address of each activity and the agenda will be two weeks in advance by phone or e-mail informed, thank you for your support and cooperation.

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